Thursday, December 10, 2009

cirque du soleil

this is my book, created in indesign. it was based on a "cirque du soleil" themed photo shoot that my sister and i did. it comprised of lots of color, crazy outfits, and our insanely high black boots.

farmer chaplin

this is a non-sequiter pairing, but i couldn't find any good vintage farmer photographs. so instead i have brought one of my favorite old-time celebrity photographs of charlie chaplin and his first love hetta kelly. i love the photographic quality of the image and the expressions on their faces.

the second photograph is one i took. the theme of the shoot was "gangsta chix", but it ended up being more "farmer boy" for lack of long silver chains, wife beater tees, and faux mustachios. most of the pics coming out of this shoot weren't like this one. this was when we had decided to jump and do poses in the air. the background is in a garage area which meshed well with the masculine clothes featured. the bright white door naturally created a vignette effect. this is my favorite of them all.


above is one of my attempts at a contest. i'm not a winner obviously, but it was fun to make. i probably created this three(?) years ago. i wanted to use photoshop but back then i wasn't as knowledgeable about it and i had gotten frustrated. so instead i physically collaged it.

above above is another item off of i just wanted to find a pair of vintage and glittered pumps. et voila! i did! these are so gorgeous, and if they were a size 11, i would get them.

seller: mysweetiepiepie

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

les chats

this is a print i found off of i love seeing what other artists are capable of creating. it is very inspiring and makes me want to buy their art. the fine pencil drawing and water coloring of this piece is especially charming.

artist: behappynow[]=tags&includes[]=title

this is a picture i took as part of my "goofy miniatures" collection from a couple years back. i cut out words from old books and randomly made a thought, attached it to the tchotcheke, and snap! took a picture.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


noel...scratch number 2

vera bradley

scratch number one. inspired by vera bradleys winter collection.

Monday, November 16, 2009

cod. not the fish.

if ever you find yourself bored with life and need a little spicy, send a friend a erotic poem postcard the old fashioned way. i give permission for you to use this inspirational piece for the front of any postcard you may create. it does the job well. it gets the point across.